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Our drop in sessions are suspended, but we will be offering some virtual sessions via YouTube and Facebook Live and we offer individualized personal recordings.  

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The Awareness Center is a family run meditation center.  We offer meditation classes for all ages and all levels of practice.  Come in to experience the healing power of group meditation. Everyone benefits from learning the peaceful practice of mindfulness. The Awareness Center is your home away from home. 

Awaken the Body and Mind Connection.


We offer group meditations for all ages and levels.  Beginning meditators will develop focus and concentration with mindful techniques while seasoned meditators will benefit from the group's energy. 

Personalized Meditations

We offer individualized meditations recordings for your convenience. Achieve what you desire using meditation and hypnosis in the comfort of your home.  

Hypnosis Sessions

We offer private hypnosis sessions for all situations in life.  Unlock the magical power within so you can achieve a healthy, happy and successful life. 

Free Meditations

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 The Awareness Center operates solely on donations.  We need your support to continue our mission​. 

To purchase meditation Scripts, Music and much more, visit our Fiverr page https://www.fiverr.com/loulalove

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