About us


and Jimi

Nice to meet you! 

I lead meditation as well as helpful hypnosis at The Awareness Center. I am a certified Hypnotist with a certificate in Regression Hypnosis. 

I began my awareness journey when I felt something wasn't complete about me. My whole life I hadn't consciously breathed, causing anxiety and many other pains. I became obsessed with my thoughts about my health, personal relationships and how to fix the world.

I've realized after researching ways to heal and feel better throughout life, that each of us have the ability to become the greatest version of ourselves through relaxation, visualization and the power of the mind. 


By becoming the best version of ourselves we are then able to fully engage in our community, forgive others and help the world. 

It's my passion to teach others simple techniques to relax and focus, as well as guide people through powerful experiences that have helped many become healthy, happy and successful. 

Please, let my voice sooth and support you.

~Mama Loula



It is my dharma to teach.  I lead Hatha Yoga Classes and guided meditations with Yoga Nidra at The Awareness Center. I have been trained classically from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. 

One day in what feels like a lifetime ago,  I walked past the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Chicago and enrolled in a Yoga 1 course.  I did not know at that point, that my life would change drastically. 

Yoga has led me to a life of balance and unconditional love. I have left my emotional turmoil and all my mistakes behind. I don't ruminate about what the future has in store for me. I recognize perfection is being able to embrace both the pleasant and painful as lessons for growth. 

I hope I can support you as you find clarity in your journey. 

Om and Prem,

~Aviva Chaye Tulasi