About us


and Jimi

Nice to meet you! 

I lead meditation as well as helpful hypnosis at The Awareness Center. I am a certified Hypnotist with a certificate in Regression Hypnosis. 

I began my awareness journey when I felt something wasn't complete about me. My whole life I hadn't consciously breathed, causing anxiety and many other pains. I became obsessed with my thoughts about my health, personal relationships and how to fix the world.

I've realized after researching ways to heal and feel better throughout life, that each of us have the ability to become the greatest version of ourselves through relaxation, visualization and the power of the mind. 


By becoming the best version of ourselves we are then able to fully engage in our community, forgive others and help the world. 

It's my passion to teach others simple techniques to relax and focus, as well as guide people through powerful experiences that have helped many become healthy, happy and successful. 

Please, let my voice sooth and support you.

~Mama Loula



I teach Hatha Yoga Classes and guided meditation at The Awareness Center. I am a Sivananda Yoga Teacher. 

My path into yoga started when I turned 30, and my body could no longer handle stress of work and a depressed spouse. My life quickly turned chaotic.  My stomach was in constantly pain, I was always tired and my eczema was consuming my arms. At this point in my life when I was coping to just get through the day,  I walked past the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center Chicago.  I enrolled in a Yoga 1 course.  I was drawn in. 


For the next few years I kept taking more and more classes.  I learned that Yoga is a way of life and that Asanas are a very small part of it.  

As I continued to study Yoga, I discovered I had the inner strength to heal rather than cope.  I was finally able to face my difficult past filled with mental illness. I was no longer smiling to hide sorrow.  Contentment began to radiate from my body.  I began to live a fearlessly.


It is my dharma to teach.  I want to help you find your own  sense of containment so you can live a healthy happy life. 

~Aviva Chaye Tulasi