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Break Free with Intuition - Mama Loula
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Gain control over your life by dealing with difficulties in a productive positive way! These personal Guided Meditations and Hypnosis Sessions will help you achieve what you desire from the comfort of your home.

After you contact me or fill out my questionnaire  I will work hard on writing and recording a Meditation or a Hypnosis Session that most benefits your style and needs.

You will receive the complete audio Recording in your Email within 7 days.

In case something is not perfect in your recording, you are allowed one revision to make any editing suggestions, like audio levels, or content. The edited track will be finalized and sent back to you at no additional fee. 

Your completed tracks will be in mp3 format for you to download and listen on your computer, your phone, or your mp3 player.

If you don't know how to meditate and would like to learn how to calm your mind and expand your consciousness I can create a series of audio recordings with me teaching you exactly how to bring space between your thoughts and go into a deep meditative state, where creativity and healing occur.


You can choose a meditation topic below or I can create focus in the style you need.

-  Breathing Awareness

-  Loving Kindness Meditation

-  Mindfulness Meditation

-  Visit your favorite destination

-  Build confidence

-  Forgive those you need to

-  Reduce and eliminate chronic pain

-  Mantras and Chants

-  Vipassana Meditation

-  Binaural beats to access different brainwaves

-  Thrive in your business

-  Meditation for sleep

-  Kids Meditation

-  Your emotional safe space

-  Tell me the style of music you prefer

-  Transcendental Meditation


You can tell me how you like to meditate, you could enjoy focusing an object or feeling the sensations in your body. Perhaps you like to listen to the sounds or visualize. 


We will create a meditation that will fit your exact style.

Audio Hypnosis Sessions

Get the same positive results you would get in my office, but from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. 

Helpful hypnosis recordings cultivate a mental enviroment for creativity that help you achieve things like:

-   Reach Your Desired Goals

-   Financial Abundance

-   Increase Athletic Skill

-   Improve Self-Confidence

-   Alleviate Aggression

-   Overcome Test Anxiety

-   Overcome Stage-Fright or Fear of Public Speaking

-   Enhance Memory Retention

-   Increase Intuition

-   Quit Smoking for GOOD

-   Lose Weight and mantain a healhy lifestyle

-   Manage Stress

-   Overcome Anxiety & Phobias

-   Accelerate Healing

-   Slow Aging & Increase Vitality

-   Reduce pain

-   Regression to your childhood or past lives

-   Improve your Sleep

-   And much more

Personalized Meditations


To ensure the recordings meet your needs, arrange a free consultation or complete a goal questionnaire before purchasing.  

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